Maximising Value: 5 Best Slots with High RTPs

This list is based partly on the most popular slots but I’ve only included slots with an RTP of 97% or above. There’s really no point playing slots that have an RTP of less than 96% as they don’t represent good value and you are far more likely to lose money over time.


Secrets of Atlantis - RTP 97.10%


A solid NETENT offering with a beautiful theme and typically polished graphics. Unusually pay lines are calculated from both sides of the slot which definitely increases the anticipation of each spin. The underwater theme is well presented with relevant symbols and background music and sound effects that are a little more relaxing than most slots. There are frequent appearances by a mermaid who represents “wilds” and will auto-nudge to cover the entire column when she appears.


Although there is no free spins feature, there is a “big symbol” that is activated when the middle 3 columns all have the lace background. This will introduce symbols that cover all 3 middle reels and is definitely your best chance of a big win. It also gave me the biggest win of my slot career and the only time I’ve had an x1000 win! Having said that, I also used it regularly when trying to get through the wagering of sign up bonuses. This is what a reasonable size win with “big symbols” looks like:




Secrets of Atlantis is a medium-risk slot so should provide regular decent size wins and it’s relaxing theme and music makes it far less irritating than some more hectic slots.


Guns N Roses - RTP 97% 


Probably one of the few slots where I don’t instantly put the sound on mute. Admittedly, after a long period of play, even the most hardened Guns n’ Roses fans may get a little tired of the Welcome to the Jungle riff but thankfully there is a setlist feature that lets you choose one of five Guns N’ Roses songs to have as the background music.


The slot is nominally set at a Guns N Roses gig with an animated crowd, polished graphics, and generally great production values. Where this game really excels is its incredible range of bonuses and features.



Bloodsuckers - RTP 98%


This slot has been around for years and is still consistently one of the most popular games, due mainly to its unusually high Return to Player. This isn’t going to make you a fortune overnight but you’re more likely to come out with a profit from this slot than almost any other.


It should be noted, that because of its high RTP this slot is usually not valid for bonus wagering. Check the terms and conditions of any signup bonus carefully before using this slot as it is quite possible you could lose your bonus.



Jack Hammer 2 - RTP 97.1%


Generally when a slot is popular enough to warrant a sequel the operator will take the opportunity to increase the number of features but slightly decrease the RTP. Thankfully with Jack Hammer 2 this isn’t the case. An impressive RTP of 97.1 combined with a fantastic array of features make this one of the most entertaining slots available. It’s set around the time of prohibition and as far as I can tell involves some dastardly kidnapping plot for which our hero Jack Hammer is the intrepid investigator battling corruption and the mob to save the girl.


This is a low-risk slot that nevertheless can bring some big wins from its free spins feature. These appear with more frequency than most and combined with the regular “sticky win” feature keeps the entertainment levels high.


It’s maybe a tragic tale as it appears you never actually get to save the despairing heroine (who helpfully appears to be able to continue her singing career despite the obvious peril) but the imagination and design that’s gone into the slot are very impressive.



Jacks or Better Double Up - RTP 99.56%